Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have provided answers to many of the questions players, their families, coaches and agents have asked. If you need answers beyond what is provided here, please email us.

Question: How does a player benefit from attending an InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: There are a myriad of benefits for players.

1. Increased Exposure - Regardless of a player's talent level and soccer background or experience, it is a team's AWARENESS of that player that will put them on the short list of potential signees. Attendance at InfoSport's Pro Soccer Combine is one of the best ways to ensure that a player's COMPLETE soccer resume and professional evaluation is in front of the key decision makers for the entire professional soccer community, and that you can be SEEN and NETWORK with professional soccer coaches. Players from our past events that have signed professional contracts have come from colleges and programs of all levels. The staff at every InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine is also comprised of coaches from the pro community (MLS, NASL, USL, MISL, NWSL, etc.)

2. Professional Evaluation - InfoSport's Director of Soccer is Daryl Shore, current MLS assistant coach with Real Salt Lake. The written evaluations on each combine participant are based upon years of professional and collegiate soccer talent scouting and evaluation at the highest levels. The coaching and evaluation staff he assembles for the combine comes from the pro soccer ranks of the USA. For a list of former and current InfoSport Pro Soccer combine staff, please click here.

3. Credibility - InfoSport and its staff have years of credible experience in professional soccer. When a team reviews a report generated by Daryl Shore and InfoSport, it can be assured that the data and evaluations are of the highest professional quality and accuracy. The coaching and scouting staffs that have worked with players at past InfoSport events have come from MLS, USL, NASL, MISL and NWSL ranks. For a list of former and current InfoSport Pro Soccer combine staff, please click here.

4. 12-Month Exposure - Pro Soccer Combine participants have their data housed on the InfoSport web site for at least 12 months, allowing professional teams around the world, the ability to search online, 24 hours a day, for players to fill their roster openings. Personal contact information for each player is made available to coaches, scouts and agents, so interested parties may contact players directly.

5. Worldwide Data Sharing - Unlike team, league or agent-sponsored free agent camps, InfoSport makes player data from our event available to every professional soccer team in the world.

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Question: What are my chances of getting a pro contract after I participate in an InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: The primary objective behind the development of the InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine was to provide players with the "complete package" for obtaining a pro soccer playing contract. Our events are designed to give the players the critical tools they and/or their agent need to thoroughly market them for playing opportunities. The comprehensive player resume and evaluation of each participant is uploaded to the InfoSport web site which is constantly searched by professional soccer coaches and agents. Our staff, after the event, is made available to speak with potential teams on behalf of combine participants.

Additionally, the combine itself will often make very clear to players their status in terms of their pro potential. Our evaluations are thorough and informative and in addition to highlighting strengths, also emphasizes opportunities for improvement.

Because the InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine staff includes coaches from a variety of pro leagues and teams, many players are directly invited to individual team camps following the combine.

Furthermore, networking is a critical component to player marketing. No other event provides the same chances to interact and network with more professional coaches and agents from around the world.

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Question: How do I get to participate in an InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: The application process is started by completing an online application and submitting it to InfoSport with the registration fee. Additional materials (video, clippings, etc.) may be submitted as support, but they are not required, nor will they be returned, so do not send originals.

The 2016 InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine is January 5-7, 2016 in Naples, FL.

Goalkeepers have an extended Combine, from January 3-7. The first two days include one-on-one and small group keeper training with MLS and NASL coaches. The last two days are with all players. For Goalkeeper specific details, please click here.

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Question: Are all applicants accepted into a Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: No. Each Pro Soccer Combine has a limited number of openings at each position, to ensure that each player receives the maximum exposure to be effectively evaluated. If there is no room remaining in the event at your position, a complete refund will be made of the registration fee, or you may opt to be placed on a waiting list. Regardless, if your registration is not accepted, because there is no more room at your position, you will not be charged a registration fee.

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Question: When is the registration deadline?

Answer: Applications are reviewed and processed on a first-come, first-served rolling basis, and the combine rosters are filled accordingly. We encourage early registration to improve your chances of being accepted.

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Question: How will I know that I will be given enough of a chance to demonstrate my skills at the event and be thoroughly evaluated?

Answer: Each InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine has a maximum number of player openings at each position to ensure that each player will get maximum playing time in games technical sessions and drills.

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Question: Are there pro coaches at InfoSport Pro Soccer Combines?

Answer: Yes. InfoSport's Director of Soccer Scouting & Player Evaluations, Daryl Shore, is an MLS assistant coach with Real Salt Lake. He assembles an InfoSport coaching staff with current coaches from MLS, NASL, USL and NWSL.  In addition, there is an extensive list of invited guests, including general managers, pro coaches, scouts and agents. Every combine from 2001 to the present had scouts and coaches from numerous MLS, NASL, USL, NWSL and international teams and FIFA agencies on hand to evaluate the players.

Additionally, the staff that works with Daryl Shore to evaluate players comes from the pro ranks of US soccer, including MLS, USL, NASL, MISL and NWSL teams. You can be assured that you are being evaluated by some of the top coaches in US professional soccer.

For a list of former and current InfoSport Pro Soccer combine staff, please click here.

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Question: What pro teams and leagues receive InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine player data?

Answer: All player profiles are uploaded to the InfoSport web site, where teams from around the globe can and search the database 24 hours a day for available players. Teams and agents from the USA and abroad are constantly accessing the InfoSport web site to search player profiles.

Teams contact InfoSport throughout the year for supplemental data on players. Many teams are looking for players well after the combine has been completed, and our office responds to requests throughout the year from teams and agents.

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Question: How will I know if teams want to sign me after I attend an InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: Teams with an interest in a specific player will often contact our office for additional information, references and a means to contact you or your agent. Our staff is available year-round to answer requests for additional data or references.

Please be aware, that unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous agents who use the internet as a means to contact unsuspecting players and solicit personal financial information. If you receive an email with an offer that sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Please contact InfoSport if you have any questions.  We will only distribute your information to confirmed professionals in the soccer community.  Should we receive a request from an unverified source, it will merely be forwarded to you, for your follow up.

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Question: May I bring any one with me to the InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: Yes. Players are permitted to bring guests. However, keep in mind that this event is similar to a job interview and you need to be focused on soccer throughout the event. Guest passes are available for purchase on the application form. The guest pass is valid for admission all days.

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Question: When should I plan on arriving and leaving for the Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: For Goalkeepers, the Combine begins on Sunday, January 3, 2016. For non-goalkeepers, the combine begins on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. The combine concludes for all players on Thursday, January 7, 2016.

For goalkeepers, player registration will take place at North Collier Regional Park at 3pm on Sunday, January 3, 2016. Training sessions will run Sunday afternoon, Monday morning and afternoon and again Tuesday morning.

For non-goalkeepers, player registration will take place between 5-6:30pm Monday, January 4th at North Collier Regional Park and again from 10:30am-12pm Tuesday, January 5th at North Collier Regional Park. Players need to check in during ONLY ONE of those registration periods.

Players will be on the field half day, Tuesday January 5th, all day Wednesday January 6th and half day Thursday January 7th. We will conclude no later than 1pm on the 7th, to allow for players to travel home that afternoon/evening .

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Question: What accommodations and meals are available?

Answer: Please visit the section on Hotels & Directions for more information. Players are responsible for ALL of their own transportation and lodging expenses. .

A boxed lunch will be provided to all registered players on Tuesday January 5th and Wednesday January 6th.

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Question: Must I have an agent in order to attend the InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine?

Answer: No. Most of the players attending our combines in the past did not have representation. In many instances, players have signed with an agent who may have seen their performance live at the combine or their evaluation afterwards.

Many players also find that they do not require the services of outside representation.

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Question: Should I attend individual team free agent tryout camps?

Answer: Most minor league teams hold open free agent tryout camps. These events typically charge a fee where an unlimited number of players audition for one or two roster spots at best. There are no evaluations provided to players or other teams and players not asked to veterans' camp have nothing to show for their monetary or time investment.

Many agents will also hold combines, as way to audition players for their agency, or seek to fill open jobs that with teams that they partner with. In this case, many agents will require that the player sign with them as a client, for additional fees, in order to be a candidate for a job. InfoSport will NEVER require a player to spend additional money for our services to help market you.

Between registration fees and travel expenses, it would cost a player thousands of dollars to attend EVERY soccer team's free agent camp in a year. For one low registration fee, the InfoSport Pro Soccer Combine will have your data uploaded to our web site for worldwide access, and many US pro coaches are on our staff, or in attendance each year scouting for their respective clubs.

No other soccer combine has as many professional coaches from EVERY league in the USA on hand to work with and scout players.

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Alumni Watch:

JP Rodrigues
Belmont University
(InfoSport 2006)
Tampa Bay Rowdies, NASL, 2012-14
Milwaukee Wave, MISL, 2011-13

Brad Stisser
Loyola Marymount
(InfoSport 2010)
AC St. Louis, NASL, 2010
Rochester Rhinos - 2011
Charlotte Eagles, USL, 2012
Atlanta Silverbacks, NASL, 2013
AZ United SC, USL Pro, 2014

Chase Wickham
(InfoSport 2014)
Charlotte Eagles, USL Pro, 2014

Gary Boughton
Medaille College
(InfoSport 2010)
Rochester Lancers (MISL) 2010-14

Andrew Dykstra
Virginia Commonwealth
(InfoSport 2009)
Chicago Fire (MLS) 2009-2010
Charleston Battery (USL Pro) 2011-12 Richmond Kickers (USL Pro) 2013
DC United (MLS) 2012-14

Mark Bloom
Berry College
(InfoSport 2010)
Charlotte Eagles (USL Pro) 2011-12
Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) 2013
Toronto FC (MLS) 2013-14