InfoSport was founded in 1993 to serve the informational needs of the sports community.

Our first publication was released on October 23, 1995—the first edition of our basketball industry newsletter, InfoSport: Basketball Courtside. A week later, our first annual basketball industry directory, InfoSport: Basketball 1995-96, was released. Since then, we have published a comprehensive men's basketball scouting report, InfoSport:Basketball Scout, and a introduced a clearinghouse for international teams and professional basketball players to meet. In 1998, we developed a short-term alliance with SA-GE Marketing to assist in copywriting for their trading card products, as well as licensing negotiations for their 1999 NFL Rookies Autographed Trading Card product.

In 1999, we also introduced our Pro Scouting Combines concept. For current and aspiring professional basketball and soccer players, these are the premier events of their kind. Players are tested, measured and thoroughly evaluated by a professional staff for the purposes of providing professional teams around the world with complete, accurate information on a player's total athletic and personal makeup.

The Pro Combine concept has been most successful, with countless numbers of players receiving offers at all professional levels of their respective sports, throughout the world. The philosophy of bringing talented players and teams together, in a mutually beneficial environment, has paid off for all involved, and our events are the benchmark, by which others are compared.