2013 Pro Soccer Combine – Men's Player Profile
Rachid Ajabri
Player Profile
Positions Played   Striker
Height   5' 11"
Weight   178 lbs.
Nationality/Passport   Morocco Passport
Birthdate / Birthplace   December 13, 1982 / Morocco
School/Last Season of Eligibility   Morocco
Last Professional Team   N/A
Combine Coach   Raoul Voss, Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL)

Scouting Report
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Dribbling 4  
Passing 3
1st Touch 4 Good forst touch
Crossing 3  
Finishing 3  
Heading 3

Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Decision Making 2
Communication 2
Executes Under Pressure 3
Movement Off Ball 2
Small-Sided Game 4 Good at passing in small spaces
Full-Field Game 3

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Strength 4
Speed 2
Quickness 2
Endurance 1 Fitness level must improve for the next level
Agility 3

Combine Coach's Overall Comments
Unfortunately a full evaluation is not possible becuase Rachid left early. That being said, he has a solid technical foundation. Fitness was a key issue, and for the pro game, it must be better. Decision making was inconsistent, and more games at a high level can help with pressure situations, and making the right decision more consistently and quicker.

Collegiate Soccer Career

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career

Injury and Medical Information
No injuries or medical conditions reported

Contact Information
Email: soccer@infosportinc.com

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