2013 Pro Soccer Combine – Men's Player Profile
Matthew Belasco
Player Profile
Positions Played   Defender
Height   5' 10"
Weight   180 lbs.
Nationality/Passport   USA Passport
Birthdate / Birthplace   December 29, 1987 / California
School/Last Season of Eligibility   U of Penn / 2011 (Football team)
Last Professional Team   N/A
Combine Coach   Aron Hyde, Chicago Fire (MLS)

Scouting Report
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Dribbling 2.5  
Passing 2 Technically, passing out of the back needs improvement to help with building up the play, whether short or long
1st Touch 2 Needs to be cleaner, know what you want to do before you get the ball
Crossing N/A  
Finishing 2  
Heading 3 Good arial ability

Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Decision Making 2 This is key as a CB, working with the line to make sure it is organized and no one is getting in behind you.
Communication 2
Executes Under Pressure 2
Movement Off Ball 3
Small-Sided Game 2.5
Full-Field Game 2.5

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Strength 3
Speed 2.5
Quickness 2.5
Endurance 3
Agility 2.5

Combine Coach's Overall Comments
Matthew needs to improve his technical game, in order to have an impact at the next level. Additionally, he can improve his frame physically, and get fitter for the rigors of the next level, which will help with his entire game, including decision making. Better endurance will also makie him quicker on the turn.

Collegiate Soccer Career

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career
2005, San Diego Athlete of the year for Soccer

Injury and Medical Information
Torn MCL, 2005.

Contact Information
Email: soccer@infosportinc.com

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