2012 Pro Soccer Combine – Men's Player Profile
Zackery Mahon
Player Profile
Positions Played   R/L attacking midfielder
Height   6' 0"
Weight   165 lbs.
Nationality/Passport   US passport
Birthdate / Birthplace   November 27, 1989 / Texas
School/Last Season of Eligibility   Longwood University / 2011
Last Professional Team   N/A
Combine Coach   Bill Sedgewick, Rochester Rhinos (USL Pro)

Scouting Report
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Dribbling 3 Confident on ball. Fluid on the ball. Rarely lost it.
Passing 3 Played within his capabilities.
1st Touch 3 Had a soft touch and prepared first touch well to set up good second touch.
Crossing 2 Balls need to be hit eith greater efficiency and purposeful, not just into space.
Finishing 3 Can finish.
Heading 2 Decent in the air

Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Decision Making 3 As a LMF, would have liked to have seen him play more off the ball.
Communication 2 Quiet in nature
Executes Under Pressure 3 Made mostly correct decisions to get out of pressure. Did not force.
Movement Off Ball 2 As an outside midfielder, needs to incorporate different asects. 1v1. Runs in behind. Pass and move off ball.
Small-Sided Game 3 Scored regularly. Held his own.
Full-Field Game 3 Work horse for such a demanding position. Always wanted the ball and did not hide.

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Strength 3 Can always improve
Speed 3 Change of speed to get by defenders can always get better.
Quickness 2.5  
Endurance 3 To be commended for such a demanding position
Agility 2.5  

Combine Coach's Overall Comments
Decent pace on the outside, but would like to see him combine in different ways with more creative runs off the ball and not always to feet. Like his willingness to get forward. A solid overall player. Needs to sork on being more of a two-way player.

Collegiate Soccer Career
Head Coach: Jon Atkinson

2011: Co-captain, Started 19 of 20 games, 1st-team all ASC performer. 2010: ASC All-Academic team, started 18 of 19 games.

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career
Classics Elite Soccer Academy

Injury and Medical Information
2010 ankle sprain, full recovery

Contact Information
Email: soccer@infosportinc.com

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