2012 Pro Soccer Combine – Men's Player Profile
Sam Klos
Player Profile
Positions Played   Right Center Back
Height   6' 3"
Weight   170 lbs.
Nationality/Passport   US passport
Birthdate / Birthplace   February 19, 1986 / USA
School/Last Season of Eligibility   Marquette University / 2008
Last Professional Team   PDL Kansas City Brass, 2011
Combine Coach   Justin Evans, Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USL Pro)

Scouting Report
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Dribbling 3 Decent with the ball
Passing 3 Needs to work on range of passing and consistency
1st Touch 3  
Crossing N/A  
Finishing N/A  
Heading 4 Decent in the air

Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Decision Making 3 Make the simple passes
Communication 2 Needs to be more vocal
Executes Under Pressure 3 Must be more consistent
Movement Off Ball 3  
Small-Sided Game 3  
Full-Field Game 3  

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Strength 3  
Speed 2 Needs work
Quickness 2  
Endurance 3  
Agility 2  

Combine Coach's Overall Comments
Sam displayed some decent qualities throughout the combine. More consistency in decisions, added speed and a faster speed of play would help his game.

Collegiate Soccer Career
No information provided

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career
PDL: Kansas City Brass, 2011

Injury and Medical Information
Broke L2 and L3 in back, summer  of 2008.

Contact Information
Email: soccer@infosportinc.com

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