2012 Pro Soccer Combine – Men's Player Profile
James Clements
Player Profile
Positions Played   Goalkeeper
Height   6' 2"
Weight   215 lbs.
Nationality/Passport   US citizen, no passport
Birthdate / Birthplace   July 30, 1989 / Kentucky
School/Last Season of Eligibility   Campbellsville University / 2010
Last Professional Team   N/A
Combine Coach   Tim Hanley, Ricardo Lopes & Hunter Gilstrap

Scouting Report
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Footwork 2 Speed and diving technique needs work
Hands 3 Nice and Confident
Diving (High) 2  
Diving (Low) 2 Tendency to "kickout" must change
Crosses 1 Too low at catch. Must receive higher.
Distribution 2 Work on kicking needed
Communication 3 Simple and clear. Good.
Decision Making 3  
With Ball at Feet 2  
Organization 2  

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments
Strength 3 Issue here is size. Needs work on speed and agility to align with frame.
Speed 1  
Quickness 1  
Endurance N/A  
Agility 2  

Combine Coach's Overall Comments
Good goalkeeper. Solid. Does not overcomplicate. Speed work needed. Diving technique needs work. Tendency to "kickout" is poor technique and needs to change.

Collegiate Soccer Career
Head Coach: Adam Preston

All-Conference Honorable Mention (2007, 2009 and 2010). 4-time Mid-South Conference player of the week. 2009 Mount Vernon All-Tournament Team

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career

Injury and Medical Information
No injuries or medical conditions reported

Contact Information
Email: soccer@infosportinc.com

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