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2010 Pro Soccer Combine: Men's Player Profile -- Peter Cahall

Picture from College of Mount St. Joseph

Positions Played:



5' 8"


150 lbs.


US citizen, no passport

Birthdate/Birthplace: October 8, 1987 / Ohio
School/Last Season of Eligibility:

College of Mount St. Joseph / 2009

Last Professional Team: N/A
Combine Coach: Tim Regan, Toronto FC


Scouting Report from InfoSport 2010 Pro Soccer Combine
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)



He was not comfortable with the ball; understood his limitations & didnít dribble too much  


if he played quickly & simply, he was OK; his ideas were OK but he has to control the ball 1st  

1st Touch

of his first touches were way out in front of him & led to him losing the ball 



he didnít have enough serving opportunities to be judged on 

Finishing N/A  no chances to score 


as a right defender, his heading has to be at a much higher standard; didnít judge the ball well 
Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)


Decision Making

he always went to win the ball defensively & didnít recognize when to delay/contain attacker 


not enough communication  

Executes Under Pressure

defensively, he handled the pressure well; with the ball, Peter couldnít keep up with the speed & gave the ball away easily.

Movement Off Ball

rarely joined the attack & didnít time his movement well to add any offense to the team 
Small-Sided Game

he had a lot of defending to do in the small games & did his best with little help from his teammates 
Full-Field Game

he made a few decent defensive plays when blocking shots/crosses; he had no influence on the attack 

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments


Peter rarely got knocked off the ball & showed good strength for his size 


his speed was not good enough to keep up with the opposing attacking players 


he did OK in the first few steps to react & make defensive plays 

his fitness wasnít great but he fought through it & never gave up 


his movement is a little awkward but he got the job done enough at times 

Combine Coach's Overall Comments:
Peter should be commended for his attitude and work rate.  It appears he spent a lot of time in a ďmarking-backĒ role in the past, because his best qualities were sticking close to an attacking player and preventing him from getting the ball or getting shots off.  In the role of a right back, Peter struggled to handle the tactical movement and positioning.  Also, he always wanted to step in and tackle the attacking player to try and win the ball.  There are moments in the game where he has to recognize when to contain the player or delay the attack.  He must keep playing/watching video to develop an awareness of what the game is calling for in terms of tackling/waiting.  As for his future in the game, Peter has a ways to go to make a professional team.  He would be best served to start at the lowest level; heís way behind in his technique with the ball.  There is always a place for players who are committed to defending, and Peter has that quality.  He has to keep learning and playing more often to improve with the ball and tactically.

Collegiate Soccer Career:
Head Coach: Rudy Argueta


2009: Four year starter. First team all-conference. 17 shots, 1 goal.  2007: Second team all-conference.

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career:
TC United and Team Cincinnati. 2005 State Cup Semi-Finals

Injury and Medical Data:
No injuries or medical conditions reported.


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