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2010 Pro Soccer Combine: Men's Player Profile -- Nick Auditore

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Positions Played:

Striker / Forward / Outside MF


5' 9"


160 lbs.


US passport

Birthdate/Birthplace: August 9, 1986 / Arizona
School/Last Season of Eligibility:

Midwestern State / 2009

Last Professional Team: N/A
Combine Coach: Tim Regan, Toronto FC


Scouting Report from InfoSport 2010 Pro Soccer Combine
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)



Nick dribbled well in open spaces; he struggled in the tight spots in/around the box  


he made too many one-touch flicks that were giveaways; he needs more 2-touch passing 
1st Touch

good first touch on the run (breakaways); poor first touch in tight spots 


his serves didn’t have any care; too often he just whacked a hard cross into the box 


earned a lot of scoring chances & a few of them well; was off-sides on a couple of his goals 


he struggled at consistently getting his headers on target 
Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)


Decision Making

he made good runs to get open; he choose good recognition of when to pressure defenders


he yelled for the ball at inappropriate times & alerted the defenders to where he was running 

Executes Under Pressure 2

his ability to finish well decreased dramatically under pressure; he struggled to hold the ball 

Movement Off Ball

he made a few very good runs; his runs were too repetitive at times & easy to defend
Small-Sided Game

he struggled because breakaways weren’t a good way to score; he has to be able to mix up runs 

Full-Field Game

he worked very hard and showed some attacking promise around the goal 

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments


good strength and fought hard 


when he gets going, he has good speed over long sprints 


he had some quickness but couldn’t do it cleanly with the ball   

his fitness was good and he rarely gave up on a play 


similar to his quickness, he has to be able to move laterally with ball   

Combine Coach's Overall Comments:
Nick did well to earn a lot of scoring chances during the Combine.  He was fortunate on a few occasions that there were not assistant referees, because he was off-sides on a few of his scoring chances/goals.  He did well on breakaways to have an idea of how to score in different ways:  sometimes he’d shoot hard at the GK, other times he’d slot it in, and he had a couple of cheeky chips too.  He has to keep learning/watching the game to understand how to make different runs.  His hard diagonal runs that always look for the ball over the top will not be effective at the professional level.  Defenders in the pro game are too smart to get beat with balls over the top on every play.  He’ll have to be able to hold the ball up and play in midfielders before joining the attack again from deeper areas.  Nick has to learn how to change his speeds in the attacking third to lose to defenders and find open spaces to score goals in and around the box.  To be a pro, he has to work tirelessly on finishing (not just breakaways or shots from the top of the box) and on being cleaner with the ball. 

Collegiate Soccer Career:
Head Coach: Doug Elder


2009: As a senior, was named to Daktronics All-South Central Region First Team and all-LSC First Team.  2008: second on team and third in the Southwest Soccer Conference with 12 goals, third in SSC with 28 points (12 goals, 4 assists). Attended Mesa Community College prior to Midwestern State. 2006: earned first-team NJCAA All-America honors after scoring 31 goals and dishing out six assists to lead the ACCAC in points with 68.


Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career:
Sereno Soccer Club. Arizona ODP.

Injury and Medical Data:
No injuries or medical conditions reported.


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