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2010 Pro Soccer Combine: Men's Player Profile -- Matt Baker

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Positions Played:



5' 11"


165 lbs.


US passport

Birthdate/Birthplace: February 25, 1988 / USA
School/Last Season of Eligibility:

University of Pittsburgh / 2009

Last Professional Team: N/A
Combine Coach: Tim Regan, Toronto FC


Scouting Report from InfoSport 2010 Pro Soccer Combine
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)



His dribbling ability was good; he chose the right times when to dribble/pass  


Good passing; the pace, accuracy, & ideas of his passes were all very good 
1st Touch

good first touch; he did well to have his first touch set him up to make the next pass 


his serving ability on the run & under pressure was average 

Finishing he did very well to get the scoring chances, but he needed to finish more of them 


he looked uncomfortable in most heading situations & needs more repetition to improve
Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)


Decision Making

decisions with the ball were very good; tactically, he handled playing 3 positions with ease 


he was a little quiet; for as well as he sees the game, he needs to communicate with others 

Executes Under Pressure

as the speed of the games picked up, Matt did well to play faster and not get caught with the ball at his feet;  

Movement Off Ball

good movement & timing in the attack; even from left back he added well & got chances 

Small-Sided Game

he looked great in attack but didnít do enough defensively to help his team as they leaked goals  

Full-Field Game

he looked great in attack but didnít do enough defensively to help his team as they leaked goals  

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments


he strength is a concern at the next level; defensively can he handle strong/fast opponents? 


heís not fast, although he had a good change of pace to get a half step & make passes 


similar to his speed, his quickness is below average   

fitness never seemed to impact his game 


OK in attack, but his agility when defending didnít look great. 

Combine Coach's Overall Comments:
As we discussed after the Combine, Matt doesnít look the part of a great athlete.  His movements appear unorthodox but he manages to play very well with the ball.  He sees the game very well and adapted well to different positions in the back and in the midfield.  One big question for his future is to see how heíll adapt to playing in a faster environment all the time.  The college level & the level at the Combine allows players to take a lot of mental breaks and not get punished.  At the professional level, everything speeds up and there arenít many weak players.  Matt needs to keep training/playing at the highest level possible to show he can handle playing under pressure with/against more talented players.  He has a good chance to make it in the 3rd or 2nd division if he stays committed and doesnít waver after being over-looked.

Collegiate Soccer Career:
Head Coach: Joe Luxbacher


2009: Team Captain. Started 16 of 17 games, playing 1416 minutes. Registered 4 assists. 2008: Played and started in all 18 games as a of four players to start all 18 contests...recorded two assists. 2007: Played in all 18 games as a sophomore, while starting 17 contests...finished season with two goals, one assist and five points. Named to the Pitt Invitational All-Tournament team. Named a Big East Academic All-Star. 2006: Finished the 2006 season as Pitt's team leader in points (nine) and finished tied as the leader in goals (three) a true freshman, Baker started 17 games and played in all 18.


Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career:
FC Delco Crunch; EPA ODP '88 National Final Four. NPSL National Champions with Pennsylvania Stoners.

Injury and Medical Data:
No injuries or medical conditions reported.


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