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2010 Pro Soccer Combine: Men's Player Profile -- Elcio Freitas


Photos from InfoSport and Oklahoma Baptist U

Positions Played:



6' 2""


180 lbs.


Brazil passport, US Student Visa

Birthdate/Birthplace: February 1, 1986 / Brazil
School/Last Season of Eligibility:

Oklahoma Baptist / 2009

Last Professional Team: N/A
Combine Coach: Tim Regan, Toronto FC


Scouting Report from InfoSport 2010 Pro Soccer Combine
Technical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)



dribbling & skill were very good, but he was too casual & relaxed when he needed to be fast  


Elicio had a few brilliant passes; he needs to have more urgency when he has time in the MF 

1st Touch


his first touch was excellent and he dealt well with any poor 1st touches he had  


his serving was inconsistent; he needs to hit more driven serves when appropriate 

Finishing he needs to shoot more! he passed up too many open looks; he had one classy finish 


for a player with his height, he has to make his aerial game more effective 

Tactical (1 - 5: 5=strongest)


Decision Making

when the game was fast & tight, E was too slow to make decisions 

very little communication 

Executes Under Pressure he has great skill and did some very impressive dribbling/through passes, but when the game really gets hard & fast, he wasn’t effective enough in creating chances 
Movement Off Ball

he found some good spots and read the game well 

Small-Sided Game

this was his worst part of the Combine; when the space was tight, he did poorly; needed to shoot! 

Full-Field Game

in the early games, he was very good; his passes in the attacking third led to great chances 

Physical Ability (1 - 5: 5=strongest)
Category Score Comments


got pushed around a little too much; he’s strong enough but didn’t show it 


he’s not fast, but he knows how to use the speed he has 


was very quick with the ball to get an open look to pass to a teammate    

he never looked really tired but he didn’t work hard enough 


he’s very shifty when moving side-to-side with the ball 

Combine Coach's Overall Comments:
Elicio showed better skill than many other players in the Combine.  He was very smooth with the ball and delivered a few excellent passes in the attacking areas of the field.  He had a tendency to force too many through balls into the forwards and the defenders began to read his passes too easily (too many “killer” passes).  His ability to get open looks at goal was good, but he rarely took a chance to try and score (although he had one beautiful chip over the GK in Thursday’s full-sided game).  E struggled during the small-sided games when the space in the middle of the field was tight.  He didn’t want to get the ball in there, and he also took some poor risks in the defensive areas when he dribbled and got stripped.  Overall, E has the ability to make it as a professional.  The biggest issues will be his work ethic, his urgency with the ball when the game speeds up, and his ability to handle getting kicked/getting the ball with a lot of pressure around him.  He needs to be in a challenging environment on an everyday basis to see if he can handle the pressure of professional soccer in the US.    

Collegiate Soccer Career:
Head Coach: Brent Coates


2009:  2 goals, 2 assists. 2008: All-conference and honorable mention all-American

Professional / Semi-Pro / Club Soccer Career:
None provided.

Injury and Medical Data:
No injuries or medical conditions reported


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